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Leadership Development

Your managers and employees are the heart of your organization. Many organizations struggle to find solutions that will develop their managers into the leaders their people need. When people are positioned to work in partnership with their supervisor/leaders their performance and work passion accelerate and your organization flourishes. 

Offered instructor led training or virtual instructor led training. 

Soft Skill Training & Workshops

Being able to effectively work together starts with soft skills.  These skills are the foundation of creating collaboration, and engagement. Also, needed for that good old 'give and take' that organizations and relationships rely on to thrive.

Offered instructor led training or virtual instructor led training. 

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Training & Workshop Facilitation

As a seasoned facilitator, I will bring your curriculum and workshop to life.  This will allow your organizational development teams to focus on other goals.  Contact me to let my Instructor Led Training (ILT) and Virtual Instructional Led Training (VILT)  experience bring development to your organization. 

What People Are Saying

“When working with Lois our team was fully engaged, thoroughly enjoyed the information provided and thrilled with the results! As an owner/operator it was a delight to see the team so receptive to: increasing their awareness of the mental, physical & behavioral impact of stress & burnout, identifying if they are subjected to burned out and prioritize their self-care.  The team has become more productive and each individual has the awareness of managing self when needed; creating a more enjoyable work atmosphere.”


Salon & Spa Owner

“Lois creates a fun and engaging environment founded on trust and respect, where everyone can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and experiences.  I loved her ability to bring the facts alive through real life examples, which in turn allowed me to find ways to integrate the knowledge into my personal and professional life.”


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