I truly believe there is always something to be grateful for; recognizing it is the trick. My friend and fellow solopreneur has a gift of recognizing how others’ talents will be beneficial to the project, even when their talents are overpowering or trigger an irritation button.

We are missing out on powerful gifts when we avoid team members who are not like minded. I challenge you to work through your uncomfortableness (get over it!) and recognize their value by using their talents for the greater good of the project, goal, or team.

Have that analytical teammate become the person in charge of finding potential hurdles of a project or change, rather than viewing them as someone ‘who never likes your ideas’. This will allow hurdles and gaps to be proactively addressed.

Take advantage of that over detailed teammate to do research or document data/processes to the Nth degree.

That person with a sense of urgency always set to high may be just what you need to solve pressing problems or on projects with tight deadlines.

Please share in the comments how you have taken advantage of those overpowering talents on your team. Let’s continue to work on this skill (including me) for the sake of gratitude, inclusion, and teamwork.

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