Conversational Capacity Feb 23-25


This is a virtual instructor-led course that unfolds over a three part series being held Feb. 23, 24, and 25 from 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM CT

Conversational Capacity provides skills to address tough issues in fair and constructive ways, teams can engage in learning-focused dialogue so they can make informed decisions, find the best solutions, and help projects move forward as they should.    The sessions offer learners a highly engaging experience that includes instruction, responses, reflection, group activities, and opportunities to practice new skills.  As a result, participants can increase collaboration and innovation.

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This is a virtual instructor-led course that unfolds over a three part series.

Remaining Candid and Curious under Pressure.  You can have the smartest people around the table, but if minor differences in opinion throw conversations off track and hinder progress, you are not getting access to their best thinking.  When a challenging topic or conflict arises, natural defenses kick in, making open and honest dialogue difficult.

When this happens, people can be either overly cautious and don’t speak openly or they get defensive and argumentative.  Most people don’t have the awareness or skills to work through it, so creativity, collaboration, and innovation suffer.

Imagine if instead of wasting time with ineffective conversations, your teams were capable of having open, productive dialogue that resulted in collaboration and finding the best solutions.  Your teams should be able to put their most difficult, painful, divisive issues on the table and work through them in fair and productive ways.

Conversational Capacity teaches people how to engage in constructive, learning-focused dialogue when challenging topics or conflicts arise so they can make informed decisions and find the best solutions, even under high pressure.

Conversational Capacity includes compelling visuals and materials, engaging videos, and proven learning activities that teach participants:

  • The mindset of conversational capacity
  • The natural tendencies to either “minimize” or “win” and the consequences of both
  • How to quickly recognize when these emotional reactions threaten to throw us off balance
  • The four skills for balancing candor and curiosity to stay in the conversational sweet spot

After the sessions, participants will have the skills to stay in the conversational sweet spot, allowing for increased creativity and innovation, and avoiding regrets over things that happen in the heat of the moment.

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