Leadership Development


SLII ® is one of the most widely used, practical, and comprehensive leadership models in the world. SLII creates a shared process, language, and model for building leadership across all levels. It teaches managers how to embody the right leadership style so their people thrive.  When people, get what they need, their performance and work passion accelerate and your organization flourishes.

Our learning design uses game-changing techniques that immerse learners in SLII quickly and effectively. Training your managers to be situational leaders will result in: accelerated development, a common leaership language, increased retention and morale, and proactive problem solvers. 

Self Leadership

Our Self Leadership program teaches individuals the mindset and skillset they need to become empowered, proactive self leaders who accept responsibility and take initiative for their own success. The program, recently revised, builds on the world’s most widely taught leadership model, SLII, and integrates the latest research on the proactive skills required for individual contributors to be most effective.

Invest in Self Leaders and build an empowered workforce that results in: accelerated development, higher performance, personal accountability, and increased innovation. 

Additional Leadership Development Opportunities

Leading Virtually

Leading Virtually helps managers with remote staff learn a skillset to stay connected and increase the effectiveness and productivity of their people.   This virtually led training offers learners a highly engaging experience that includes instruction, responses, reflection, group activities, and opportunities to practice new skills in a safe setting. It also offers learners a chance to share stories and
best practices in their transition to managing others virtually.

This program focuses on three key practices proven to boost manager
effectiveness in a virtual environment.
Be Present and Mindful – Teaches leaders to communicate intentionally with remote team members, to structure
conversations for maximum impact, and to honor each other’s work preferences.
Foster Community – Helps managers build trusting and supportive relationships that stay positive and involve all their people, using the technology available.
Accelerate Performance and Development – Teaches leaders how to build the resourcefulness and autonomy of staff members and to
help them move forward in their careers. 

Team Leadership

The power of WE.  Imagine a workforce of teams that works together efficiently, finds solutions to complex problems, and consistently produces superior results throughout the organization. This program teaches managers to diagnose their team’s development and apply the right leadership style to build and sustain high-performance teams. 

Through videos, engaging materials, and activities this program teaches:

  • Team Performance Mindset – Orients team leaders with a set of guiding principles that help teams perform at their best.
  • Diagnosing Team Needs – Identification of team development stages that all teams progress through, diagnosis of team needs, and understanding of what high-performing team do at each stage
  • Team Leadership Behaviors – Leader behaviors that help their teams the most; e.g., structuring a team charter, leveraging conflict, fostering team accountability, encouraging risk taking

Team leaders can participate with other team leaders or intact teams can go through the learning experience at the same time. 


Management Essentials

Too often we find managers struggling to figure out how to manage others and rely on behaviors and instincts that actually erode morale and limit productivity. Management Essentials training provides tools to set up leaders who create engaged, productive teams and drive greater results for your organization. 

This training includes pre-workshop activities, engaging participant materials, videos, and learning activities that teach participants these key concepts:

  • Management Mindset – the mindset required to be effective at managing
  • Four Core Conversations– highly effective framework for understanding needed conversations to manage people and performance
  • Four Essential Skills-Listen to Learn, Inquire for Insight, Tell Your Truth, and Express Confidence to create positive and productive relationships

When your managers implement these skills, they will form better relationships and bring out the best in their people.

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