Soft Skill Training

Soft Skill Sessions

Interactive training sessions to enhance soft skills.  Sessions generally include a self-assessment, skill practice and leaving with a plan of action.  Topics such as Time Management, Listening Skills, Conversation Capacity, and Challenging Conversations.  

There are several additional topics available. Let’s discuss what your company’s needs. 

Soft Skill Workshops

Offering interactive workshops to enhance soft skills.  These workshops focus on 1 topic in a more condensed manner.  Still include a self-assessment, skill practice and leaving with a plan to acton.  Topics such as Presentation Skills, Overcoming Procrastination, Real or Assumed Constraints, and Developing Employees.


Real or Assumed Constraints

Constraints can get in the way of our efforts especially during uncertain times.  But are all constraints real?  Are some constraints assumed?  During this interactive session, we will discuss how to self-recognize the difference between real and assumed constraints.  We will also explore how this mindset affects us getting things done.  You will leave the session with your plan to work through constraints. Let’s get out of our own way by challenging our assumed constraints. 

Growth Mindset


Adopting a growth mindset in your company fosters a powerful impact on performance, learning, engagement, and employee job satisfaction which are all elements of increasing employee retention and company profits.

This interactive training will equip you with what is a growth mindset, the benefits of growth mindset and how to nurture growth mindset at both the individual and organizational levels.

Road to YES!


Team members often have solutions to improve work process/tools or solve a problem.   Road to Yes give you a tactical way to present your solutions to decisions makers while building trust with the receiver. 

Using this 4 step process when presenting a solution to a problem will enable you to present solutions in a manner more likely to be heard, accepted, and implemented. 

Conversational Capacity


Provides skills to address tough issues in fair and constructive ways, teams can engage in learning-focused dialogue so they can make informed decisions, find the best solutions, and help projects move forward as they should. The sessions offer learners a highly engaging experience that includes instruction, responses, reflection, group activities, and opportunities to practice new skills.  As a result, participants can increase collaboration and innovation.

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